Donald Trump and the $380 Billion Saudi Problem

One of this year’s biggest news events was the announcement by US President Donald Trump creating a closer alliance with Saudi Arabia. This came with a Saudi pledge of over $380 Billion dollars to the US government. Nearly $2 Billion to be spent on purchasing US weapons to be used in Yemen, a country with a devastating humanitarian crisis.

Donald Trump speech was scripted to please Saudi Arabia’s rhetoric against it’s regional rival Iran. Accusing Iran of spreading extremism and terrorism. What Donalt Trump did not mention was that Iran is a Shia Muslim country, while Saudi Arabia is the heartland of Sunni Muslims.

The reason that this is so significant is that every single terrorist attack carried out on Western and Asian countries in the past decade or more has all been by Sunni Muslims. Hence for anyone that understood these simple facts, it will be easy to see the fake news that Saudi Arabia is trying to spread with the help of Donald Trump.

This blind alliance by Donald Trump with Saudi Arabia should send alarm bells ringing around the world as this will only send billions of dollars worth of high-tech US weapons to the hands of ISIS terrorists and groups very similar to its extreme right wing ideology.

Nearly all of 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia. Nearly half of those that are joining terrorist groups like ISIS and Nusra Front are from Saudi Arabia. The religious calls (fatwas) supporting groups like ISIS all started from Saudi Arabia and still does happen in the country at local levels.

For the first few years of the Syrian War, Saudi Arabia pumped in hundreds of millions as well as indirect weapons supply to various extremist rebel groups that went on to become what ISIS is today.

From this, the most important point for everyone to remember is that it is the ideology that these extremists carry has been the hardest thing for any Western government to fight. This ideology is hard to fight because no Western government until today is ready to call out the Saudi Government to stop spreading their right-wing extremist ideology to Muslims around the world.

Saudi Arabia has been financing extremist schools and colleges around the Muslim world that adhere to their form of strict Islam that teaches intolerance and violence towards those that does not agree with their right-wing interpretation of Islam.

Now that the US President has cemented ties with Saudi Arabia, it is up to Europe, China and Russia to lead the fight against terrorism. They need to call out Saudi Arabia to enforce a full and strict ban on anyone, including its own monarchy family members who still support the spread of ISIS ideology. It is very doubtful that a rich country like this will ever listen to the rest of the world. However, doing nothing can be disastrous for the future all developed countries.

Boris Johnson Speaks The Truth & Upsets The British Government?

Boris Johnson has gone through a bumpy road. In the past he has said many things just for the attention it brought. However recently he has actually been doing some research himself on Islamic Terrorism, what is behind it, why does it exist and who is actually funding these groups that are carrying out Genocide where ever they might be. Well he got some answers and the moment he spoke the truth, it upset the corrupt establishment that exists in British politics as well as all the mainstream Western media such as the New York Times and others.

The British government and western politicians has gone all out distancing themselves from the comments of Boris Johnson. Many even asking him to apologize for his remarks against Saudi Arabia.

Isn’t it amazing and mind boggling how Western governments and politicians are so quick to protect and shield Saudi Arabia. These are the same politicians that have all these years represented British and other Western nations claiming they stand for the values of human rights and equality for all human beings. What you don’t hear is the silent cough followed by … ‘except for anyone being oppressed by our brotherly corrupt allies with a lot of money for us’.

The fact is that during Senator Sanders and Donald Trump’s election campaign, the world public who were not that politically savvy finally understood what are the establishment politicians – Politicians that represents the corrupt and rich establishment, also knows as the top 1%. These politicians have destroyed not only the Middle East, but also their own countries like the US, UK, Australia and Europe. They represent big businesses that are untouchable by government and any rule of law. When the economic crises destroyed the lives of millions of ordinary Americans. They were given billions to save their businesses by the establishment politicians that control government, while the balance 99% were left to scrap through with depression, loss of housing and pretty much whatever they had saved up for their future. Now what did the 1% do when they got these billions from the government? The bosses of these corporations gave themselves fat bonus payouts. This is just one of the many evil schemes the establishment has for themselves.

The Establishment Vs. Trump & Sanders

Why do Trump and Sanders call them the establishment? It’s because they have established their corrupt business and politics so deep around the world that for anyone to fight them, it is seen as a losing battle. Just look at how Sanders and the support he had. Then examine the timeline in comparison with the Wikileaks documents showing clearly that the establishment made sure that even within the Democratic Party, they would only allow those that represented the establishment to win as their Presidential candidate. They would only allow those that supported their dirty wars in the Middle East that used loyal British, American and other Nato soldiers for their corrupt political and corporate business goals. For the establishment, they have for many years kept their citizens under control using it’s media to feed out the news that were in support of their own policies. Just look at how every single global news media outlet went against Sanders and Trump from the start. They did not accept anyone that was a threat to the establishment. Trump luckily enough knew the game since he was on the side of it watching how the establishment had destroyed the country he loves for their own sleezy profiteering. He also had gathered a lot of wealth through his own business which allowed to him openly challenge a candidate like Hillary Clinton who had support and funding from superpacs funded by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the top 1% rich elites like Soros and others in the US. They all have profited from the economic crises and wars in the Middle East, while the ordinary people in their countries and the Middle East have seen their lives being destroyed one brick at a time due to these corrupt politicians that protect the establishment. Their loyalty is not to the voters, it is to those from countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as big businesses that funds their election campaigns.

Now for once Boris Johson have actually spoken the truth against Saudi Arabia. But not because he spoke against Iran. Is this not interesting? What is so important about Saudi Arabia? A country where in today’s modern age, they still do not allow the basic rights for women to drive a car. A country that was exposed by Wikileaks for directly funding terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Nusra Front in Syria. Both groups that have and still kill innocent women and children that does not follow their twisted ideology of Islam. Wikileaks emails from the Democratic Party showed how Hillary Clinton knew of this and mentioned how she was disturbed by this. Yet, she and Obama never even mentioned or criticized them for it. The establishment has gone out against countries like Iran because Iran is not not as wealthy as the Gulf countries and is not a long term ally of the establishment policies in the Middle East. Iran is seen as a hostile nation that supported the downfall of Pro-US and Pro-British dictators in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. While Saudi Arabia spent millions to counter and even fund the overthrow the first ever democratically elected President and Parliament in Egypt.

Boris Johson remarks follows:

“There are politicians who are twisting and abusing religion and different strains of the same religion in order to further their own political objectives,” he said, adding, “That’s why you’ve got the Saudis, Iran, everybody, moving in and puppeteering and playing proxy wars.”

If Boris Johnson just spoke against Iran, the British government and its establishment politicians would not have gone all out against him. However, he mentioned Saudi Arabia and now he is being attacked from all sides by the same people who claim to their constituencies that their values cannot be bought. Yeah right.

Boris Johnson can never run a country because of his un-calculative character and inexperience in a field like business compared with someone like Trump that understands the establishment problem much better than any Conservative party or Blarite politicians from Labour ever could. The only figure that understands how to challenge the corrupt establishment in British politics seems to be the current opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. He is bluntly honest like Donald Trump, but in a much polite manner. Maybe if he was more hawkish and wealthy like Donald Trump, he could secure victory in the next general elections. For now his supporters have been giving him all the support he could ask for to counter the establishment politicians within Labour that tried to get him kicked out as the Labour leader not so long ago. The British establishment media and politicians threw everything but the kitchen sink at Jeremy, just as in US they did against Sanders and Trump.

Johnson mentioned in his speech both Saudi Arabia and Iran for “twisting and abusing religion and different strains of the same religion in order to further their own political objectives”.

This is what majority of the Sunni Muslim world has been telling it’s western counterparts. Islam is not the problem, it is countries or individuals that misuse Islam to promote their policies to control land and natural resources. Similar atrocities have taken place in the past by the Church of England during the Crusades, in Rwanda, KKK in the US, Bosnia, Iraq and many other historical events. One just have to Google it. Countries and various religious and community leaders misuse their religion to serve their own hate against others all the time. However today it is being supported by rich and wealthy connected elite from the west to the east. They create chaos in order to create fear between Muslims and Non-Muslims to no limit.

To understand Islam or any other religion, do not look at its followers today who are human beings with faults just as you and I. Instead always go directly to the source of every religion and you will see they are all beautiful religions.