Donald Trump and the $380 Billion Saudi Problem

One of this year’s biggest news events was the announcement by US President Donald Trump creating a closer alliance with Saudi Arabia. This came with a Saudi pledge of over $380 Billion dollars to the US government. Nearly $2 Billion to be spent on purchasing US weapons to be used in Yemen, a country with a devastating humanitarian crisis.

Donald Trump speech was scripted to please Saudi Arabia’s rhetoric against it’s regional rival Iran. Accusing Iran of spreading extremism and terrorism. What Donalt Trump did not mention was that Iran is a Shia Muslim country, while Saudi Arabia is the heartland of Sunni Muslims.

The reason that this is so significant is that every single terrorist attack carried out on Western and Asian countries in the past decade or more has all been by Sunni Muslims. Hence for anyone that understood these simple facts, it will be easy to see the fake news that Saudi Arabia is trying to spread with the help of Donald Trump.

This blind alliance by Donald Trump with Saudi Arabia should send alarm bells ringing around the world as this will only send billions of dollars worth of high-tech US weapons to the hands of ISIS terrorists and groups very similar to its extreme right wing ideology.

Nearly all of 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia. Nearly half of those that are joining terrorist groups like ISIS and Nusra Front are from Saudi Arabia. The religious calls (fatwas) supporting groups like ISIS all started from Saudi Arabia and still does happen in the country at local levels.

For the first few years of the Syrian War, Saudi Arabia pumped in hundreds of millions as well as indirect weapons supply to various extremist rebel groups that went on to become what ISIS is today.

From this, the most important point for everyone to remember is that it is the ideology that these extremists carry has been the hardest thing for any Western government to fight. This ideology is hard to fight because no Western government until today is ready to call out the Saudi Government to stop spreading their right-wing extremist ideology to Muslims around the world.

Saudi Arabia has been financing extremist schools and colleges around the Muslim world that adhere to their form of strict Islam that teaches intolerance and violence towards those that does not agree with their right-wing interpretation of Islam.

Now that the US President has cemented ties with Saudi Arabia, it is up to Europe, China and Russia to lead the fight against terrorism. They need to call out Saudi Arabia to enforce a full and strict ban on anyone, including its own monarchy family members who still support the spread of ISIS ideology. It is very doubtful that a rich country like this will ever listen to the rest of the world. However, doing nothing can be disastrous for the future all developed countries.

Profiling of ISIS Terrorist – The Guide for Counter-Terrorism

The average Joe would have thought with all the PhD and Havard graduated experts out there, we would at least have a realistic proven way to profile ISIS terrorists. Instead, we have heard how individuals on Government watch lists have passed through and committed horrible acts of terrorism.

The terror and evil of ISIS have spread far and wide during the term of President Obama. Their terror has butchered innocent civilians from Iraq, Syria and in the past two years, we have witnessed this terror being exported around the world by lone terrorists. They are attacking anyone who has not given their support to them, including Muslims, Christians and pretty much anyone that calls them crazy or even make a joke about them. Yes that’s how screwed up they are.

I have spoken much about where ISIS comes from and who support them in my other posts. However today we are looking at profiling those that are willing to carry out attacks for them, their sympathizers as well as those who might dress like a terrorist but is actually far from it.

As the world governments failed to educate humanity on the right way to profile ISIS supporters, it has also failed to educate and protect the world civilians who never asked for these wars in the Middle East, to begin with. Hence now I know that it’s time for me to do what others could not do for the past years. It is time for everyone to understand exactly how to effectively profile ISIS militants and it’s sympathizers.

Most civilians in the Western or non-Muslim majority nations have limited idea and knowledge on Who is ISIS. Due to this, the crimes ISIS has committed has been generalised by right-wing politicians in the West who have very similar bigotry characteristics as ISIS. Their hate for others and pride in their own self does not leave any room for logical reasoning. In reality, all these members of Parliament or Congress who talk big against ISIS has no clue on how to really profile a potential terrorist.

In reality, all these members of Parliament or Congress who talk big against ISIS has no clue on how to really profile a potential terrorist. Even many of those in the US, UK and European intelligence do not really understand how to actually profile today’s potential pro-ISIS terrorist or even a lone cell that has no known link to ISIS, but supports carrying out terror attacks for the group even against his home country.

Now what happens with all this misinformation is that, all the good and worried civilians in these countries are then fed with generalised bigotry against the religion of Islam. Instead of really spending time to gain some knowledge about what is happening in Syria, they have payed right into the hands of ISIS. The goal of ISIS and those who supported them have always depended on the growth of hate in Western countries against Islam as a religion. Why? You can read more about that in my next post – ISIS strategy and goals. So far what I can say is western governments and politicians have all fallen right into this trap.  the extreme right politicians have actually welcomed this new found hate against Islam as it has been the easiest way for them to get elected to power.

In the beginning, the extreme right politicians of US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Europe have actually welcomed this new found hate against Islam as this has been the easiest way for them to get elected to power. In a time of confusion between different races, religions, people and cultures, it is the best time for greedy politicians to grab populist power.

All the elected government’s of the above-mentioned countries had actually ignored this threat from the far right in their own home. They only saw it as a political problem and not a real threat to its national security or the peaceful way of life which majority of Western populations support. Hence instead of going hard against the rise of the far-right, these countries allowed the far-right to have the freedom of movement, freedom of speech and any other freedom they wanted to have to spread their hateful propaganda. What these elected governments should have done is to treat the far-right in their home, the same way as they would deal with Islamic far-right radicals which are creating terror around the world. They accepted the western far-right movements just a small but growing populist movement without any real threat.

All of them failed to see the populist movement as it is, a threat to the peaceful western way of life under a democracy where all faiths, people of colour and backgrounds are accepted and protected by law. Politicians were scrambling to try and get a portion of this far-right populist vote for themselves during local and general elections, without understanding that they themselves were fueling this growing hatred by doing so. In UK, the Brexit was the first evidence of this growing out of control. Even then, the people were in denial. Only when Donal Trump was elected was it a wake-up call for those politicians around the world that were lost in their own bubble. Even though a large portion of Donal Trump’s supporters are peaceful individuals who are rightfully just tired of the corrupt establishment politics, there is also a sizable portion that has the right-wing bigotry & white nationist KKK mentality. This is the exact way that ISIS became who they are today and how Hitler became who he was before.

Now to understand how to profile ISIS terrorists, one must understand there is a wide range of factors and characteristics that need to match for each category. There are 3 categories of in the profiling guide. These are the three which everyone has failed to study, understand and analyze effectively.

I will mention the 3 categories below:

Red Colour – Extreme Danger (Radicalized to extreme level)
Orange Colour – Moderate Danger (Moderate radicalization, Sympathizers & potential indirect or long-term threat to Muslims & Non-Muslims through their promotion of ISIS/Nusra Front type of hatred ideology. Should be monitored and considered as long term potential threat. More of an ideological threat, but easy to recruit by various terrorist groups. The approach to defeating their sympathy/support to ISIS ideology is through open and transparent education challenging this hatred ideology from an Islamic point of view. This is something that only Western Muslim scholars can do a lot of help with.)
Green – Completely safe and no risk to anyone if all characteristics are within the green category.

I know that the FBI recently released some information about a list of 40 plus questions they ask to profile potential terrorists. What I can say is that list is nearly 90% inaccurate under the category of easily finding out who are potential terrorists and who are already terrorists. I strongly urge them to take this valuable information on this article seriously without politicizing anything in it. These are very straight forward facts and categories that the FBI and European intelligence services could not come up with for the next five to ten years. The fact that the German intelligence report recently claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany (who are related to the political movement in Egypt) are somehow Salafists, shows uneducated/misinformed they are on this matter. With all the big fat cheques on security spending, why have they not actually taken the time to get information from actual Muslims who understand what is going on? Instead, they try to refrain from the truth since the establishment politicians need war and chaos in order to control Oil fields in the Middle East, support actual Salafist countries like Saudi Arabia who is important business partners to the US govt, UK govt and EU nations. Nevertheless, keeping politics a side, all you need to do is follow the categories mentioned below and described above as the most important guide on profiling ISIS terrorists. I could go into much more details, but I have no time for it and the idea here is to give an all-in-one outline that anyone could follow. See Below:
Red Colour – Extreme Danger
Orange Colour – Moderate Danger
Green – Completely Safe

Known to have terrorist links
Have traveled to Syria & Iraq
Known to have terrorist training
Known to support violence against Shia Muslims
View Shia Muslims & other non-Sunni Muslims as non-believers
Openly speaks against Shia Muslims labeling them enemies of Islam
Fail to publicly criticise Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE for its war crimes in Yemen, but talk openly against Syria & Iran just because it is not a Sunni Muslim country.
Criticize Dictators who are not Sunni Muslim, but stays silent against Arab Sunni dictators
Listens/Watch mainly Arabic political lectures from religious speakers
Listens/Watch regularly to lectures, videos or audios that talk against Shia Muslims that promotes hate against non Sunni-Muslims
Listens/Watch to a mixture of Arabic and English religious and political lectures
Listens/Watch to lectures, videos, and audios on the situation of Palestine
Listens/Watch to mainly English speaking religious lectures
Openly hates Israel for occupying Palestine
Hates Jews who supports Zionism (Far Right religious and political views), but loves non-zionist jews
See the US military invasions in the Middle East as a campaign to control oil & natural resources in the region
Supports Boycott Israel Movement
Hates the Washington Establishment politicians, but love American people
Has a beard (men) / Wears a headscarf / Wears a face veil / Islamic Dressing
Reads Quran regularly
Prays 5 times obligatory prayer under Islamic teaching
Speaks Arabic
Follows the religion of Islam